What Is The Aurastar 2000™ Education Training Program?..

The extensive four-day training program for the Aurastar system consists of theoretical and practical knowledge of colours and auras as well as the dynamics of the Aurastar software program. Upon completion of the four-day Aurastar training, participants receive a certificate on the foundation course of Aura Counselling and a Colour Energy Associate membership.
..What Is Aura Counselling?

In Europe, Asia, India and other parts of the world, Aura counselling is being offered by many doctors and holistic practitioners. Disturbances in the flow of the body’s energy in the aura/chakras can result in imbalances of the mind, body or spirit. Understanding the connection between the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual bodies and how they interact with colour vibrations, the chakras system and the human energy field is being integrated and applied to many forms of healing therapies and health related products and services.

The Aurastar 2000 shows a person how they are using their energy, consciously making them aware of how their thoughts and feelings affect their well-being. Aura Counselling enables you to be a specialized practitioner in organ language and aura and chakra analysis. The Aurastar 2000 authenticates and confirms any healing therapy, service or product. The record feature allows you to monitor a client’s progress which accelerates and validates their healing process.
..How Much Is The Training?

The four-day training program is included with the purchase of each Aurastar 2000 system and is required for successful Aura Counselling. Alternatively, you can take the four-day course at a cost of $695.00. This amount can be applied towards the price of an Aurastar 2000 purchased within six months.
..Who Would Take The Training?

Colour Energy Corporation, in conjunction with other alternative educational schools throughout the world, is offering on-going training in the pioneering field of vibrational medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Educational System is geared towards teaching any individual who has interest in the areas of colour energy or to help advance any healing practitioner’s knowledge of colour, auras and energy work.
..What Is Included In The Training?

Following is the course outline:

Day One–Colour Energy

  • Completing the Colour Energy Personality Questionnaire.
  • The history and science of colour.
  • Our body’s energy centres (chakras).
  • How and why colours affect you.
  • Colours and the human psychology.
  • Why do you love certain colours and dislike others?
  • Colour energy exercises.
  • The seven colour personalities–Which one are you?
  • Analysis of the Colour Personality Questionnaire.

Day Two–Colour Energy

  • Exploring the Power of Colour–Experiments with colour.
  • Colours and their meaning.
  • The influence of colour mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.
  • Using colours for motivation, improving relationships and balance.
  • How to maintain health through a proper diet of colour.
  • How you absorb colour energy.

Day Three–The Human Aura

  • Ethics of an Aura Counsellor.
  • Auric protection techniques.
  • Colours in the human aura.
  • Organ language and the connection to colour.
  • Interpreting the human auric colours.
  • Aura healing and envisioning mentally healing colours.
  • Developing a healing plan for the client.
  • History of aura photography.
  • Auras and biofeedback technology.
  • Development and applications of the Aurastar system.

Day Four–The Aurastar 2000™

  • The connection of the mental, emotional and physical states to the aura.
  • Full body aura readings.
  • Chakra and organ energy levels.
  • Analysis of your aura.
  • Experiments using the Aurastar.
  • Aura Counselling using the biofeedback information.
  • How to implement the dynamics of the Aurastar into your business.

..Do You Offer Other Courses?

Colour Energy’s mandate is to provide people with education and therapeutic tools for the balance of body, mind and spirit. The Colour Energy Educational System (CEES) consists of various programs to teach colour and aura basics as well as to advance existing therapies, treatments or business. CEES has a one year home study course which contains theoretical and practical exercises and is mandatory for Colour Therapy Certification. Colour Energy Educational System offers several programs and is annually sponsoring a broad range of international speakers.

Courses are divided into several segments: Colour Foundation Home Study Course; Colour, Clothes and Your Personality; Colour in the Home–Interior and Exterior; Colour in School, Industry and Business; Colour and Children, Teenagers and Adults (Includes Choosing a Profession); Marriage and Relationship Psychology; Food for Intelligence/Food and Nutrition in Regards to Colour; Human Resources/Company Hiring Psychology; Conscious Public Relations and Marketing; Chakra, Aura and the Invisible Energies.

..What Other Support Services Do You Provide?

Further support is provided through the International Aura & Colour Association (IACA). IACA is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and vision of vibrational medicine. Services and activities include internet access and advice services; bi-yearly publications; Aura & Colour Millennium Conference; Discounts. Ten percent of proceeds are donated to charity.
..Who Can Join?

Anyone who has interest in energy! We welcome all individuals who would like to learn and participate in this growing field of “colour” vibrational healing. Be updated on the newest technology, research, related products and services. The IACA organization is dedicated to bringing the great minds of this pioneering industry together.

For more information on the Colour Energy Educational System or The International Aura & Colour Association, please e-mail us your request at colour@colourenergy.com

Colour Energy Corporation offers a quality line of wellness products. The concept of Colour Energy is to educate and provide people with products they can use to tap into the power of colour. Visit our website at colourenergy.com

Colour Energy Corporation is the North American educational, technical and marketing distributor of the Aurastar 2000. Information provided does not substitute professional medical advice and care.

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