Biopulsar Training Locations

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thailand & Asia

Boston, MA, USA

London, UK

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Brazil & South America


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Training can be taken prior to the purchase of a Biopulsar system.

Biopulsar training fee refunded when a package that includes training is purchase within 6 months of attending the course.

Ask about our various programs that complement the Biopulsar & Chromalive Systems.

Group discounts available.

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..Where Can I See The Aurastar 2000™?

Aurastar 2000 exhibits at all types of health and metaphysical shows throughout North America.

If you would like to have your own Aurastar energy reading done, please E-mail us at with your complete name, address and phone number to be advised when we are in your area.


Colour Energy Corporation is the North American educational, technical and marketing distributor of the Aurastar 2000. Information provided does not substitute professional medical advice and care.

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