..What is the Aurastar 2000™?

The most advanced biofeedback imaging system... Energy Technology for the Next Millennium!

Colour Energy Corporation, as the North American distributor for the Aurastar 2000, introduces a breakthrough for practitioners in all modalities. The missing link between alternative and traditional therapies has been the mind/body connection... the Aurastar 2000 is that connection!

Biofeedback information is provided on forty-four organs and glands in various formats, allowing the practitioner, together with their patient or client, to comprehend their present energy status on different levels: as a full body energy picture, in a graph analysis format and with a chakra activity report. The Aurastar 2000 is a great visual aid that will enhance and expand your consultation.

..Who Can Use The Aurastar 2000™?

If you are a Practitioner/Therapist... you need the Aurastar 2000.

The Aurastar 2000 was designed to be used as a tool by conventional and alternative holistic practitioners to assist them in analysing how the client is using his or her energy.

The system can be used to test specific thoughts and how they instantaneously interact with the organs. With this knowledge a practitioner or aura counsellor can implement a program to harmonize and balance the client’s energy.

The Aurastar 2000 provides an individual with a complete overview of their physical, emotional and mental energy which allows the practitioner/therapist to deal with the body and mind through an integrated science of lifestyle counselling.

What a great advantage for any therapist, practitioner or counsellor!
..How Does It Work?

The hand is placed on a sensor board that accommodates three hand sizes, each with marked segments and biofeedback energy sensors. Every sensor corresponds to a reflexology zone (body organ) on the left palm. The sensor electrodes gather the biofeedback data which is then processed and translated to the computer program. Every 0.2 seconds it measures all biofeedback parameters from the hand’s reflex points and simultaneously projects the bio-energetic information onto a full body energy (aura) picture on-screen. You have a choice of displaying the colours of the person’s energy on da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (or woman), or using a digital camera (optional), on the person’s photograph.

The program also displays the information in a graph analysis, with the reflex zones, and in a chakra picture and activity report.

..Who Developed The Aurastar 2000™?

Martina Gruber, a trained healing practitioner and founder of the first German International Aura School, has been working with, and conducting research of, the human aura for many years. She lectures internationally on the development of clairvoyance and aura vision and does aura counselling throughout Europe.

Located in the Ayurveda Centre Westerwald in Mengerskirchen, Waldernbach, the Aura School offers exercises to activate the vision of the aura, clairvoyant readings and intuition.

Dr. Balaji Tambe, well-know Ayurvedic doctor, pharmacist, music therapist and director of the famous Atma Santulana Therapy Centre in India is also patron of the Aura School.

Together with Dr. Tambe, Martina developed the full body aura sensor, Aurastar 2000.

The concept of the Aurastar 2000 is based on the ancient art of Ayurvedic medicine, the sciences of biofeedback, reflexology, kinesiology, neural therapy, and the languages of the body and colour (vibrational frequencies).

The philosophy of the Aurastar 2000 is to bring a greater and deeper understanding of the interaction and connection of the mind, body and spirit for enlightenment and well-being.

The potential of the Aurastar is such that any type of practice, therapy or wellness centre can utilize the data acquired from the hand sensor.

Colour Energy Corporation is the North American educational, technical and marketing distributor of the Aurastar 2000. Information provided does not substitute professional medical advice and care.

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